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>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's a sunny Sunday, I'm catching up on Garance Doré over tea, and getting dressed for book club. This day is already perfect. So I'm feeling a little adventurous. I've been thinking about some slightly risky (you know, for me) things to wear in the near future. Here's what's coming:

1) knee highs. I love knee high socks. I wore them for 7 years in school and I still have several pairs. I often wear them around the house and I miss wearing them outside. For some time now I've been telling myself that I will. Why should they be relegated to school uniforms? So now I'm making it public: I am going to wear knee high socks.

2) Popped collar. This is partly for jokes, but also because I think it would be a challenge. I am convinced that it can be done well. The popped collar has endured a lot of douchebaggery. We can do better by it.

3) Sandals with socks. Yes.

I am really bummed out that fedoras don't suit me. But get this: I actually dreamed of hats last night. Straw boaters, in fact. I don't think they'd suit me either (my face seems too long for flat hats), but I vow to start wearing a cloche or something. I WILL become a hat person!


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